At Branderro™, our mission is simple: provide the highest quality of online brand and product insight possible. We answer the question “Where are our brands and products being sold?” We are committed to the timely delivery of accurate, quality brand data, and to providing actionable insight. When your organization needs to understand where, and how, your brands and products are made available in online channels – whether authorized or not – you can trust Branderro to show you.

About Us
Branderro.com™ provides the industry’s gold standard for unified, online brand and product data – integrating online auction, social media, and classified site data into one source. We continuously monitor, acquire, consolidate, and enrich online interactions – so that organizations can be assured they are seeing the breadth and depth of activities impacting their brands.

Branderro™ was created by a core group of eCommerce and data integration professionals, in response to the market demand for insightful brand and product data. Our data is used by leading brands in various domains: marketing, asset protection, and eCommerce – just to name a few. Having spent several years in technical and corporate leadership roles, our interactions with retail executives confirmed our belief to create Branderro®.  In 2013, after more than a year surveying, developing, and receiving feedback from industry leaders, Branderro™ was launched.

See how Branderro is powering EveryBoutique.com, enabling consumers to shop for designer fashion, from hundreds of online consignment boutiques across the globe.

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