Where’s that $30 Billion Problem Hiding?

Branderro LP 1
The actors who are committing retail and supply chain shrink, are leveraging online technology – utilizing new platforms to stay under the radar.  Asset Protection professionals face overwhelming challenges gaining the insight they need in order to combat this $30 billion problem.  Social media, deep web, and a multitude of online exchanges require monitoring and analysis that is expansive, integrated, and fast.  The fact is, that $30+ Billion problem is hiding everywhere – and that’s where you need to be looking (everywhere) – in order to address it.  That’s why we created Branderro AP™.

Somewhere in a few Billion Interactions

If you’re going to commit to solving a problem, you start by acknowledging just how big it really is. Branderro AP™ was built to scale, integrating data from the billions of online interactions which occur every minute, of every day. We continuously acquire and unify asset protection data from key sources- so your organization can do the valuable Asset Protection work.

Branderro LP 2

…Enriched with Internal Data & Expertise

Internal data from POS, Supply Chain, Loyalty, along with subject matter expertise are leveraged to enrich your interactions. Nobody know your business and behaviors better than you, and Branderro AP™ was built to leverage these through business rules that filter, augment, and enrich these online interactions.

Branderro LP 3

See it Clearly – with Branderro AP™

With our visualization capabilities, you’ll be seeing things you never imagined possible. Trends, aggregations, relationships and associations – the insight you always wanted – in an intuitive, fast, interface.  Built from the ground up, exclusively for Asset Protection professionals – Branderro™ welcomes the opportunity to discuss our solutions.

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